Military Trucks

Commercial vehicles, serving the military

Modern armies fulfil various roles and have very different demands. Ranging from mission support in the battle area to logistical tasks in the homeland.

Rheinmetall offers a range of trucks that suit all the needs of our customers and helps them to accomplish their missions, wherever and whatever they may be.

Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH – complete solutions for military wheeled vehicles

Medium Mobility Truck System

The TGA series comprises militarised vehicles which have all-wheel drive, single tyres on all axles, improved off-road mobility, holders for special military equipment such as rifles, and everything else our customers require. The primary purpose of such vehicles is support. They are used as tank tractors, tankers or transporters.

Due to their improved off-road capabilities, these trucks are well suited to support troops even in rough terrain. And since they are based on commercial models, their lifecycle costs are very low.

High Mobility Truck System

The HX series sets a new yardstick in lifecycle costs and total cost of ownership. They are true tactical trucks with low maintenance costs due to their use of modified components from the commercial TGA range. At the same time, they have the necessary tactical advantages such as air transportability or easy application of adaptive armour.

Although classified as a medium-mobility truck, the HX has exceeded all expectations and proved its capabilities in a variety of tests.


Nowadays it is even more important than ever to protect crews on missions to resolve and stabilise conflict situations. RMMV has developed crew protection systems to meet the different requirements: The Modular Armoured Cabin (MAC) and the Integrated Armour Cabin (IAC) with higher protection levels.