Joint operational demonstrator for advanced applications

The GTX Boxer JODAA is an operational and technology demonstrator. On behalf of the German Bundeswehr the R&D team of Rheinmetall Landysteme conducts various studies to test and prove the feasibility of advanced technical applications.

JODAA – A master of its kind

Whether alone or in union – Rheinmetalls research and development demonstrator JODAA fascinates with its precedent-stetting modular concept and combines several future technologies in one vehicle. The range of technical capabilities comprises from remote controlled driving to supported by camera systems to autonomous operation of several components. The operation of unmanned aerial or ground vehicles directly out of the JODAA offers new possibilities for operational and tactical missions. Considering tactical necessities and combat principles, the modularity of the demonstartor allows to meet mission specific requirements through simple modifications, assisting trials of forward-looking technologies.

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