Boxer – Armoured transport vehicle

A heavy weight champion for current operating environments

The Boxer armoured transport vehicle is being produced under a bi-national programme. Highly mobile, it is a state-of-the-art wheeled vehicle whose modular design permits a wide variety of mission-specific configurations. Consisting of a uniform drive module, the Boxer vehicle family's user-specific mission modules can be quickly exchanged. A number of mission variants are currently under development, including a troop carrier for transporting an infantry section, a field ambulance, a combat engineering section vehicle, C4I and C2 command vehicles, a logistics vehicle and a battlefield maintenance vehicle.

Boxer – Infantry fighting vehicle with LANCE turret system

At Eurosatory 2014, Rheinmetall presented for the first time the Boxer IFV (Infantry Fighting Vehicle) variant, this equipped with the Rheinmetall LANCE 30mm two-man turret. Combining the Boxer inherent high level of protection and the unique mobility with the latest turret technology, the IFV variant presents state-of-the-art capabilities to face current requirements.

Having joined forces to form the ARTEC consortium , Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles (RMMV) manufactures the Boxer in cooperation with fellow German defence contractor Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) under a bi-national programme, in which Rheinmetall holds a 64% stake.

Boxer equipped with the Rheinmetall LANCE 30mm two-man turret

Boxer equipped with the Rheinmetall LANCE 30mm two-man turret

The Boxer IFV variant, equipped with the LANCE turret system is completely in line with the modular Boxer philosophy as the LANCE turret itself features a new modular design. It thereby ensures maximum flexibility and an optimized capability for further upgrades for changing requirements. Also the protection of the turret is adaptable for a wide range of missions and to face different threats.

The IFV variant can transport up to 8 soldiers, besides the driver. A variety of individual modules allows for either a two-man or a remotely controlled turret design – one concept with two configurations.

RMMV presents this latest Boxer IFV internationally, these including specific demonstrations of mobility in rough and adverse terrain, HVAC (heating ventilation and air condition) capabilities, and live-fire events.

Boxer – Infantry Fighting Vehicle, equipped with the Rheinmetall LANCE 30mm two-man turret

Boxer - Armoured Transport Vehicle

Boxer UK for the Mechanised Infantry Vehicle programme (MIV) –
The battlefield champion

Boxer CRV for LAND 400 Phase 2

BOXER CRV for Land 400 Phase 2 – trials at Puckapunyal, Victoria