Lynx combat vehicle

The next-generation combat vehicle family

Rheinmetall presented its new Lynx KF41 infantry fighting vehicle (IFV) to the international public at Eurosatory 2018 for the first time. Highly survivable, adaptable to diverse environments, extremely agile, hard hitting, and with huge payload reserves, the Lynx KF41 is a next generation combat vehicle designed to confront the challenges of the future battlefield like no other.

Move. Sense. Strike.

Evolution of the Lynx

Rheinmetall’s Lynx next-generation combat vehicle has come a long way in less than five years time. Starting from the drawing board, both KF31 and KF41 types were brought to life and travelled the world going through extensive trials along the way. Now, Hungary has become the launch customer ordering 218 vehicles after having signed a joint venture agreement with Rheinmetall. A strong signal to those eying the most advanced IFV to date.

Lynx KF41 – First live impressions from the field at the NATO Excercise Brave Warrior in Hungary on 22 September 2020

Lynx: One combat vehicle family – one logistics system – one supplier

A key feature of the Lynx combat family is its versatility. The Lynx comes in two versions (KF stands for "Kettenfahrzeug", which means tracked vehicle in German):

  • Lynx KF31: Weighing up to 38 tonnes, Lynx KF31 can seat 3+6 soldiers
  • Lynx KF41: is slightly larger and can carry 3+8 soldiers

The Lynx can be configured for various roles:

  • Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV),
  • Command & control,
  • Armoured reconnaissance,
  • Repair & recovery or
  • Ambulance.

A high degree of commonality in parts and components is another prominent feature of the Lynx family of vehicles. This simplifies logistic support and has a positive impact on training. Furthermore, customized service support is available worldwide – ranging from training and logistics to in-theatre repairs and technology transfer.

Lynx KF41 – Experience the future of mechanized warfare

The Lynx KF41 is more than just a new, highly advanced vehicle: it is the ultimate future-proof platform, blending unsurpassed protection with massive firepower and unbeatable mobility in a uniquely modular concept.


The Lynx KF41 is a complete family of vehicles that utilises a common drive module and a flexible mission kit arrangement to allow any base vehicle to be configured as an IFV, an armoured personnel carrier, a command vehicle, a recovery vehicle or an ambulance. Changing from one configuration to another can occur within eight hours. This system provides significant total lifecycle cost savings due to base vehicle commonality, allowing customers to adjust force structures or develop new capabilities in an affordable and timely manner.

Enhancing the vehicle’s flexibility, the sub-systems of the Lynx KF41 are highly modular and adaptable. The Lynx KF41 features a digital backbone with a generic open architecture that allows easy integration of new mission systems, while the entire survivability system is modular and upgradable to allow the vehicle to cope with the highly adaptive threats faced on the battlefield. Different survivability kits are available for peacekeeping situations, counter-insurgency operations in urban terrain, and mounted combat against a peer. No other vehicle can adapt to diverse environments across the full spectrum of operational challenges like the Lynx KF41 can.

Highly Mobile.

The Lynx KF41 features the latest generation of propulsion technology with an 850 kW (1140hp) Liebherr engine and a proven Renk transmission. A flexible suspension system has been developed by Supashock, an Australian company, meaning the Lynx can be configured to carry various mission kits and survivability packages without compromising mobility. When configured for mounted combat operations with the Lance 2.0 turret and a survivability package suitable for peer-on-peer combat, the Lynx KF41 weighs approximately 44 tonnes. In this configuration it provides class leading mobility due the high power-to-weight ratio of 26 hp/t, while still leaving up to six tonnes of reserve payload for future growth.


The modular survivability systems of the Lynx provide unprecedented flexibility for customers to cope with the wide variety of threats faced across the spectrum of conflict. The ballistic and mine protection packages can be easily exchanged, even in the field if needed, while the full spectrum of threats have been taken into account, including roof protection against cluster munitions. The Lynx KF41 with Lance 2.0 has been designed not only for passive and reactive systems, but also for an active protection system to defeat rocket-propelled grenades and antitank guided missiles.

Hard hitting.

The Lance 2.0 turret is the next generation of the in-service Lance family and has been developed to improve its suitability for an IFV. Lance 2.0 has various enhancements that provide a troop of Lynx KF41 vehicles with a very high level of organic capability, thus allowing the troop to have a disproportionate effect on the battlefield. The Lance 2.0 features enhanced protection for critical subsystems against kinetic and fragmentation threats, improving system survivability during close combat.

The next enhancement is the integration of the new Wotan 35 electrically driven cannon that fires Rheinmetall’s proven and in-service 35x228mm ammunition family.

Lastly, the Lance 2.0 has two flexible mission pods fitted to the left and right of the turret that allow installation of a variety of sub-systems to give the turret a specialist capability.

Examples of customer-selectable mission pods include dual Rafael Spike LR2 ATGMs, non-line of sight strike loitering munitions, UAVs or an electronic warfare package.

Key features at a glance

Mission dynamics

  • Superb force protection
  • Extreme mobility
  • Premium crew comfort

Superior battlefield awareness

  • Exact orientation of the weapon stations and superior field awareness
  • Instantaneous detection of specific threats
  • Automatic target recognition and tracking
  • Real time situational awareness

Armed to the teeth

  • Main armament: 35mm Wotan cannon
  • Main Sensor Slaved Armament/MSSA with 360° view
  • Antitank guided missiles
  • Counter strike with ADS and ROSY

Lynx KF41 – Next-level adaptability

Lynx KF41 – Around the world

Lynx KF41 infantry fighting vehicle – Czech-made

Rheinmetall is offering the Lynx infantry fighting vehicle to the Czech Republic as a brand-new solution and Czech-made. The Rheinmetall Group as a technology group for mobility and security is already an established partner to the Czech Republic for decades and is represented by the Rheinmetall Automotive sector at sites in Trmice and Chabarovice. Localising content in a scalable fashion is part of Rheinmetall‘s proven track record. From sharing training and technological expertise to setting up entire military vehicles centers of excellence. Rheinmetall is both prepared and capable of expanding cooperation in the realm of Czech defence as well.

Lynx KF41 at IDET 2019

At the Czech IDET 2019 defence exhibition the Lynx KF41 infantry fighting vehicle attracted lots of attention. Lynx is a strong contender for major armies’ requirements: Australia, the United States and the Czech Republic rank among the nations interested in this next-generation family of combat vehicles. Looking at Lynx being Czech-made for the Czech requirement and export options, local development and production, coupled with standing up an efficient supply chain, will give the Lynx true Czech DNA, helping to underpin the country’s future national sovereignty and status as an important NATO military partner.

Lynx KF41 – Rheinmetall unveils the Lynx KF41 next generation combat vehicle at Eurosatory 2018

Lynx KF31 infantry fighting vehicle

Rheinmetall presented its Lynx KF31 infantry fighting vehicle at Eurosatory 2016 for the very first time. Agile, hard-hitting and highly protected, this state-of-the-art tracked armoured vehicle is destined to dominate the modern battlefield, lending itself to operations from peace enforcement to high-intensity combat.

Weighing up to 38 tonnes, Lynx KF31 can seat 3+6 soldiers.

Infantry fighting vehicle Lynx KF31


Move. Sense. Strike.