Rheinmetall Mission Master

The Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle maximising soldier efficiency

With the Mission Master, Rheinmetall developed a unique concept of unmanned multipurpose ground vehicles (A-UGV). On top of being useful for reconnaissance and surveillance operations, the Mission Master can be fitted for tactical overwatch, CBRN detection, MEDEVAC operations, and firefighting missions.

Each version of the Rheinmetall Mission Master is already networked to both the Argus soldier system and the Rheinmetall Command and Control Software, which can be installed in any user’s battle management system.

Capable of performing in dangerous or hard-to-reach areas, the Mission Master provides safety and security to the mounted and dismounted forces, increases their operational effectiveness, and keeps them out of harm’s way.

Rheinmetall Mission Master Cargo

Rheinmetall Mission Master Cargo

One platform – Many missions

Building on a robust base platform, the Mission Master allows to easily install a variety of modular payloads onto the vehicle to accomplish all kinds of missions. Any specific requirements can be fulfilled with our made-to-order UGV solution. By working closely with every customer, Rheinmetall guarantees that the right solution is always provided for the right purpose.

Rheinmetall Canada has introduced various versions of the Mission Master, including the following:

Mission Master - Cargo

The Mission Master - Cargo is designed to alleviate modern infantrymen’s burden. This robust-design UGV can shoulder over a half-ton payload of supplies, equipment, and materials so troops can remain agile and maintain the operational tempo.

Mission Master – Fire Support

The Mission Master – Fire Support minimizes the risk to friendly forces and substantially boosts the combat power of dismounted troops by providing close fire support. It was demonstrated for the first time at the Ammunition Capabilities Demonstration 2019 in South Africa with the Rheinmetall Fieldranger Multi weapon station and Thales 70 mm rocket launchers in hot shot. The remotely controlled system operated in a fully digitized scenario and fired a salvo of 14 rockets, delivering 60 kg of explosives in 1,6 seconds. Quite a feat in the land domain.

The Mission Master – Fire Support can also be mounted with 50 mm weapon systems, .50 cal. machine guns, or 40 mm grenade launchers.

Mission Master - Rescue

The Mission Master - Rescue is capable of autonomously evacuating casualties over long distances. The module features two basket stretchers with sliding provisions and can carry specialized, high-performance equipment needed for in-field medical intervention. While transporting a wounded soldier using the UGV’s stretcher, for example, accompanying medics can use the vehicle as a workstation to administer emergency care.


Rheinmetall unveils its Mission Master – Fire Support at the Ammunition Capability Demo 2019