Mobility Service/Vehicle Workshop

Our vehicles workshop is flexibly and efficiently offering services with a team of qualified and highly experienced collaborators.

Our services for you:

  • Collect-and-Return for your vehicle
  • Maintenance according to manufacturer’s instructions
  • Repair work of all type with support from the German technical control “Technischer Überwachungs-Verein” (TÜV)
    • General inspections
    • Emission control testing

Maintenance and Repair

  • Maintenance according to manufacturer’s instruction
  • Repair work
    • Hard targets
    • Trailers and transport vehicles
    • Forklifts
    • Agricultural and construction machinery
    • Mounted equipment and accessories

Accident Prevention and Professional Association Guidelines

  • UVV Vehicles BGV D29
  • UVV Mobile crane BGV D6
  • UVV Cable winch BGV D8
  • Testing of cranes and hoisting devices VBG 94
  • Electrical operating material BGV A3

Other Services

  • Refitting and installation of digital radios
  • Safety tests
  • Brake test stand
  • Clima check

Weapons workshop

In our weapons workshop we can carry out all mechanical preparations and security checks for weapons testing in the Unterlüss test center.

  • Follow-up on offi cially examined weapons components
  • Disassembly and cleaning of weapons as required
  • Weapon-technical support of fi ring projects
  • Provision of mobile fi ring positions and special structures

In our machining we can produce custom turned and milled parts:

  • Turning lathe, Centre height 300, distance between centres 2,000
  • Turning lathe, Centre height 210, distance between centres 1,000
  • Universal milling machine, table size 700 x 420, swivel axis A-B-C
  • Boring mill, table size 900 x 800, table load 2t with rotary plate

In our in-house electric workshop we can carry out small repair work as well as new installations

  • Construction and maintenance of firing ranges
  • Insurance of electrical safety during test firing
  • Repair and manufacture of electronic assemblies

Together with our trained welders we can plan and manufacture welded constructions for the most diverse requirements

  • International welding expert
  • Welder certified according to DIN EN 587
  • Welding up to 400A - aluminium and steel
  • Cutting of steel sheets up to 100mm
  • Indoor crane 20 tons

In our measuring room it is possible to undertake material test certifications on gun barrels and other components

  • Interior view of gun barrels (5 –155mm)
  • Measuring gun barrel inner diameter (40 –155mm)
  • Ultrasonic inspections from certified inspectors
  • Hardness measurement according to Brinell
  • Crack testing with dye-penetrant method done by a certified inspector

  • Rheinmetall Waffe Munition GmH

    Test Center

    Heinrich-Ehrhardt-Straße 2
    29345 Unterlüß
    Phone: +49 5827 80-6220