Live training

The LEGATUS® system is a family of modular live training systems and is Rheinmetall's unrivalled high tech approach to prepare your troops for the unforeseen in combat.

With the Rheinmetall LEGATUS® system you will be able to provide immediate feedback on trainees' skills and tactical behavior.
The modular and is easily scalable concept allows for realistic live training in all scenarios from individual up to and beyond reinforced brigade level including all combat supporting elements.

The system design guarantees a high degree of realistic training through precise tuning of the subsystems in order to comply with the requirements and challenges of any live training environment. The accurate and long lasting combat training equipment allows exercises under realistic conditions, including laser-, radio- and geo-pairing-based engagement simulation of any real weapon.

Dedicated equipment for exercises of military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) can be flexibly configured and installed depending on the training area and building infrastructure.

The LEGATUS® system offers all the components to allow highly realistic training in any terrain (open and/or urban) to be carried out while keeping the benefits of a proven technology. The LEGATUS® system allows monitoring and recording of outdoor and indoor movements and activities of all players (e.g. soldiers, civilians, vehicles) throughout the exercise area in real time. Vulnerability of combat vehicles, buildings and people players outside and inside buildings can be simulated realistically.

Rheinmetall LEGATUS® Live Training Technology – there is no better way to prepare your troops for the unforeseen.

Legatus Live Training

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