ILEE® OEM lasers and systems

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Customer specific product development is a part of our daily work. Rheinmetall Air Defence AG is the ideal partner for customized OEM lasers.

We accompany you in all areas of product realization – from design to the fully tested OEM module. Together we define each step necessary to realize your idea for a new OEM laser product.

Below you will find an extract of our customer-specific products:

Precision patient positioning system

A patient alignment laser is projecting a reticule onto the specified body part, which has to be examined by X-Ray. One of the special requirements for that laser module was the minimized height. The clever and unique arrangements of the laser diodes in combination with optics and mirrors reached the requested goal by the end.

Laser edge detector/counter (laser copy counter)

For counting the exact numbers of printed newspapers, magazines and brochures without direct contact in the printing industry, laser light barriers are installed in the shingle stream. The laser copy counter (LCC) counts the individual object edges that runs in the opposite direction to the laser beam. Challenges are the high speed of the products and colour changes as well as the varying thicknesses.

Speed measurement module

By crash tests, exact car speeds are measured by the time difference of two laser light barriers between the interruptions of the lasers. The alignment of the laser box to the receiver box is roughly made by a circular level and different coloured LEDs are used in the front of the laser housing for fine alignment. A further advantage is the possibility to mount the modules on tripods.

Pilot laser

The light path and the processes at the processing point can be observed by means of pilot red light laser which sends a visible laser beam through the beam guideway and marks the spot on the workpieces to guide the cutting/welding laser beam. The requirements for the design were to be able to adjust the test beam cross section precisely to the focus distance. In addition, both the angular deviation of the centring bores to the long beam axis and the angular deviation of the beam axis to the housing axis are precisely specified.

Intraoral scanner

A special dental alginate material composite may be taken for an accurate jaw and dental impression to produce a dental prosthesis. Intraoral scanner digital impressions are possible as an alternative. Our digitally modulate line laser is especially developed for that application with its very high and constant line quality. The line thickness of our laser is 50 µ; the illumination uniformity is in the single digit percentage range. The line laser is optically aligned with the mechanical axis of rotation and UL and FDA authorized.

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