Command and control system TacNet

Information superiority in military operations

TacNet is Rheinmetall’s command and weapon engagement system. Designed to meet the requirements of high-mobility warfare at the tactical level, TacNet delivers command & control (C2) superiority, assuring that commanders always have the initiative.

Since the late 1980s, Rheinmetall Defence has been developing tactical C2 and weapon engagement systems for national and international customers. Our expertise and experience in various programmes – in the field of combat vehicles and soldier systems, for example – has led to major gains in operational effectiveness. Nor is what we do limited to individual systems, because getting the most out of command and control solutions today requires a fully networked system of systems.

TacNet is fundamentally designed to ensure that a common operational picture is disseminated to soldiers on the ground, vehicles of every type, and to tactical operation centres. At the tactical level, successful outcomes depend on being able to move, shoot and communicate effectively and efficiently. For this reason, the first task of an advanced command and control system is to support these capabilities, while simultaneously opening up new tactical possibilities.

eBMS TacNet

An advanced battle management system (BMS) should encompass functions that extend beyond those of ordinary C2 systems. As an “enhanced” BMS, Rheinmetall’s TacNet is a sensor-effector network that incorporates standard interfaces like the Generic Inter-Vehicle Gateway (GIVG). In addition, the design also takes into account forward-looking standards like NATO Generic Vehicle Architecture (NGVA).

By processing and visualizing information in a tailor-made way, TacNet supports the countering of direct threats. The reaction time between detection and reaction is substantially shortened, while at the same time the effectiveness of the own troops increases.

In a process of densification, the automated integration of sensor, effector and logistical data transforms the common operational picture into a densely woven web of information. TacNet utilizes intelligent algorithms to record, track, disseminate and finally to prepare for action. This way, potential risks can be neutralized before they pose a serious threat.

In a fashion that’s nothing short of revolutionary, TacNet combines two different software systems in one product family, as the software also encompasses the functions of the cross-sectional operating and display device. This expands the range of operations to all touchscreen monitors, while further types of input remain possible.

TacNet consists of a joint software core, from which the following versions derive:

  • TacNet Soldier for mobile operations with mounted and dismounted forces
  • TacNet Vehicle for fast-paced operations, especially with combat vehicles
  • TacNet Command for mobile and stationary tactical operations centres

Key characteristics

  • Compatible with other C2 systems thanks to open architecture
  • Interoperable by utilization of internationally established standards
  • Innovative by taking NGVA into account, coupled with advanced visualization
  • Integrative thanks to the networking of platforms, sensors and effectors
  • Autonomous owing to a special communications infrastructure
  • Flexible due to app-based expansion potential
  • Scalable thanks to role-based range of functions
  • Effective owing to uniform operator interfaces at all levels
  • Efficient because it concentrates on the essentials

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