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A successful year for Rheinmetall MAN Military Vehicles GmbH (RMMV)

2013 saw the joint venture between Rheinmetall AG and MAN Truck & Bus AG prevail in hard-fought competition from all over the world. The specialist for logistical and tactical wheeled vehicles secured major orders from, among other countries, Australia, New Zealand and Denmark.

In Australia, RMMV was awarded the contract for the army’s modernization program “Project Land 121.” Following a long, drawn-out selection process, the Australian client decided to procure around 2,500 vehicles from RMMV. The contract is worth around €1.1 billion, and the fleet of trucks is scheduled to be delivered between 2016 and 2020.

The project encompasses medium- and heavy-duty logistical vehicles, recovery vehicles, integrated loading systems and various platform variants with cranes, fuel and water transport modules and dumper truck add-ons. Standardization of the vehicle fleet is designed not only to enhance the mobility and protection of the armed forces but also to achieve synergy effects in supply, maintenance and training as well as to cut operating costs.

The vehicles will be manufactured in the RMMV plant in Vienna, thereby securing base capacity utilization for the plant over several years. The production of modules and some add-ons as well as vehicle and C4I integration will take place at the subsidiary RMMV Australia and its partner companies in the land down under.

British recommendation wins over New Zealanders

Success stories spread quickly. The sale of 7,500 vehicles to the British armed forces in 2005 has become a reference project for an important sales success in New Zealand, whose armed forces have ordered 200 HX series military trucks. The order is worth around €54 million and will be delivered this year. The package also comprises an extensive training program, says Franz Ortner, who heads the Logistical Vehicles business unit: “We are delighted not only to equip New Zealand’s armed forces with our vehicle systems but also to support them with our extensive training program and services. RMMV is proud to offer a reliable customer service,” says Ortner.

In addition to the vehicles, RMMV will also be supplying protective equipment and seating modules. The scope of services also includes spare parts, logistical support services, project management and extensive training packages, including five additional vehicles intended exclusively for training purposes.

HTRV celebrates European first in Denmark

The armed forces of the Scandinavian Kingdom of Denmark have become the first customer in Europe to order the heavy tactical recovery vehicle (HTRV), which weighs around 36 metric tons. Fourteen of these vehicles, which feature an integrated armored driving cab, are set to be delivered to the Scandinavians from the fourth quarter of 2014.

Over the past few years, RMMV has supplied Denmark with a number of HX and SX military trucks. The HTRV, too, is based on the tried-and-tested SX45 8x8 chassis and is characterized by its extremely high stability, protection, comfort and outstanding mobility. A high level of protection against ballistic threats and mines ensures maximum safety for the crew. Thanks to a recovery system with a hoisting crane and different lifting jacks from the US company Miller, the vehicle can, quickly and even under the most extreme conditions, safely recover damaged vehicles weighing up to 40 metric tons. The integrated hoisting crane can also lift loads weighing up to 17 metric tons. The Miller recovery system for the Danish vehicles will be integrated at MAN Truck & Bus in Denmark.

It is therefore hardly a surprise that two other Scandinavian countries have already expressed major interest in wheeled vehicles from RMMV.

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