Rheinmetall Active Protection GmbH

Rheinmetall Active Protection GmbH (formerly ADS Gesellschaft für aktive Schutzsysteme mbH), located in Bonn, Germany, was founded in 2007 by Rheinmetall and IBD Deisenroth, Germany, to join forces to develop active vehicle protection systems. Rheinmetall holds a stake of 74% in the company, with the remaining 26% owned by Stefanie Deisenroth and Susanne Deisenroth for 13% respectively.

The Rheinmetall Active Protection GmbH has reported a breakthrough in marketing its revolutionary new high-tech "Active Defence System" (ADS) and has been awarded a first serial production order.

The Active Defence System ADS belongs to a new generation of standoff active protection technologies. It is one of the world's most advanced and effective systems for protecting military vehicles of practically every weight class from operational threats, especially light antitank weapons, guided missiles and certain improvised explosive devices (IEDs). It operates according to the hard-kill principle. The sensor system detects an incoming projectile as it draws close to the vehicle, e.g. a shaped charge or antitank missile. Then, in a matter of microseconds, the system activates a protection sector, applying directed pyrotechnic energy to destroy the projectile in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle. Owing to its downward trajectory, ADS minimizes collateral damage in the zone surrounding the vehicle.

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